Sunday, 5 May 2013

Owl Cam

Owl Cam Star photo by James Axe
We’ve had an owl box sited for a few years now and have evicted numerous grey squirrels from it in the past, but it came as an enormous surprise to us when Ross our academy ranger noted a birds tail occupying it.  After climbing a nearby tree to get a better look we discovered our new tenant was non other than a tawny owl.  It wasn’t until Tuesday night when I was down on the site natterjacking that I could get a peek inside the box without the female about.  There intermingled at the bottom were 3 fluffy grey babies!  The female would have been there for 30 days incubating the eggs and the chicks will be there a further 35-39 days.  They looked only a few days old, therefore I jumped to it and have installed a camera on the tree opposite to hopefully get some footage of our new family growing up.  It seems though that since my initial viewing of our little ones there only appears to be 2 surviving.
Over the next few weeks I will post some of our highlights, starting with this great scene of a not so cunning fox…

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