Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Coralroot Orchids are Back!

• Coralroot Orchid grows in the dune slacks amongst Creeping Willow. It is
generally found in the younger dune slacks within relatively open areas.
Associated species include Variegated Horsetail, Glaucous Sedge, Early Marshorchid,
Marsh Helleborine and Round-leaved Wintergreen.

• Plants are typically less than 10cm tall and do not tend to stand out amongst
the other vegetation.

• The orchid derives much of its nutrients from a fungus that grows in
association with Creeping Willow.

• Over 1,700 plants were found in intensive surveys carried out here in 1989.
Recent counts are much lower with the highest being 332 in 2009.

• Coralroot Orchid appears to be declining at Sandscale Haws and on other
sites in the UK. Reasons may include succession in dune slacks with few
new areas being created as well as changes in both climate and hydrology.

Please note: Coralroot Orchid is extremely difficult to find at Sandscale
Haws. To avoid any accidental damage to populations we encourage you to
contact the Rangers for advice before visiting. At times it may be possible to
arrange a site visit with a Ranger to view the plants

Call 01229 462855 for details or email neil.forbes@nationaltrust.org.uk

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